* Please review our "Class Schedule" page to learn when each class is available


General CrossFit Classes: 

Our true "bread and butter!" During this hour-long class your coach will take you through a group warm-up, strength and/or skill work, as well as the workout of the day. You can rest easy knowing that if you are consistently attending general CrossFit classes you will look better, feel better, and have fun. The constantly varied programming is designed so that you will never get bored, and more importantly never hit any plateaus! 

Our CrossFit classes require completion of our Fundamentals course or prior CrossFit experience. 


CrossFit Bootcamp: 

CrossFit Bootcamp does NOT require any prior CrossFit experience. Classes are roughly 45 - 50 minutes in length and are accommodating to those who have a great fitness level as well as just getting started. Classes use a variety of bodyweight and kettlebell movement, rowers, jump ropes, etc. These classes are sure to get you a great workout! 



An hour-long class dedicated to improving our overall strength in the major lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.) as well as Olympic lifting technique. Whether you're trying to increase your 1 rep maxes or just trying to improve your technique, this class will definitely provide ample benefits! 


Mobility: (Lead by Dr. John Borsheim, owner of ChiroFit)

This is one of the most important classes offered at CFPL! Mobility is the range of motion under specific circumstances and involves being able to move with a purpose. We want proper mobility when performing a squat, lifting our kids, etc because it is functional range of motion. With any exercise regimen it is important to take care of your body before/after.  We have all said "I will stretch tomorrow" way too many times. In this hour long class John will lead you through various techniques to improve your overall mobility. If you are having any issues in certain areas this is your time to get some answers and direction. 

Mobility class is FREE to all CFEP/CFPL members. Those visiting may attend mobility class with the purchase of any regular drop-in class. 


Open Gym: 

An hour block of time where members are able to come in and work on the skills/lifts they feel is necessary. There is no coach leading these classes. Saturday Open Gym is FREE to all members. Weekly Open Gyms count as a "session."