Going After Your Dreams.


     I want to start by saying that, although this title is one of the most cliché sayings out there, just remember that dreaming doesn’t have to stay in your sleep. Like most other college grads, I moved home from school, I was then 23 years old, and I had a hole in my pocket about as deep as I am tall.  I went back to serving tables because if there is one thing I can do better than consuming food and drinks, it’s selling it. But that occupation started to run me dry--so I looked around for some 9 to 5 options and landed on an Insurance gig.

     Now, I did learn from the opportunity I was given over the past couple years. I absorbed the ins and outs of a world that I knew absolutely nothing about, and I am thankful to have that info locked into my mental time capsule. But there was an itch I just couldn’t seem to graze—and I’m not referring to the one you get from sitting in pantyhose for 8 hours in a leather chair. It was something more than that.

      I realized now that I am almost 26; there is nothing that I should scratch off my list because it may not work out, or because I am scared of losing some stability. When you start to feel like you are holding back the shiniest parts of you that are eagerly waiting to gleam, it's time to get out the tarnish eraser and let it shine girl. Now what this ah-ha moment was for me, is surely bound to be different than what gets you rarin’ on the inside—but it is my dream and I am about to press play on it.

     I decided I was going to quit my job, and go after my vision of working in the chaotic world of advertising. Self-doubt has happened often since I made the leap from my job in Insurance, and another popular saying “don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” started to form a whole new meaning for me. The story goes as follows: I put in my two weeks and was working through my last days in the office, when I decided to take the recycling out of the back door. I returned inside like I have one hundred other times and ended up catching my heel in the doorframe. 12 stitches, some not-so delicate words & a dose of antibiotics later, it was then that I realized—when they say, “don’t let that door hit you,” they are not playing around.

     I didn’t allow that miniscule hiccup stop me. I enrolled in a specialized school to pursue my writing career as a Copywriter. I have recently resurrected my trusty ol’ waitressing uniform to work hard and be nice to myself for a change. It was time to do what I needed and act on what made ME feel good about my life.

     We have to stop thinking that it is selfish to go after what feels right, because the only person being hurt by staying stagnant is you.

     From a young age, I always knew that I wanted something different. I desperately wanted something exciting, challenging and to be surrounded by people who not only accept my quirky ideas, but morph with them to create something even more sensational. I am not there yet, but I’m thinking the road I have yet to travel will have some new lessons to offer-- & that is a road I’m willing to ride.

Written By: Hayley Sutherland

Posted on June 27, 2017 .

Giving Up is Always an Option, but Should Never Be Your Decision.

      For many of us, there are times that come along in our lives that push us to the brink of an all-out hair pulling, throw in the towel moment. It seems easier at the time to resist the challenge and take the fast escape out. As humans, we don’t do this because we lack desire -- we do it because we feel stuck in something that isn’t moving the direction we were hoping it would. Or sometimes we care too damn much, and the luster that was once burning bright, has been exhausted to a faint, smoky fizzle. This can happen in relationships, in career paths, personal fitness goals, diets, you name it —as I’m sure you are all well aware.

      There have been some moments in my personal journey where I have been limited by my body--and given no option but to remove myself from the situation. Growing up, I was an athlete and it was something that I always knew I had under my belt—or in this case, leotard. Gymnastics was something I felt prideful about and it was an ability that made me stand out from the average, non-back flipping kid on the block. Starting at 13, two blown out knees & a few surgeries later, this lifestyle of mine was ripped out from under me. Who was I now?

      I would love to say that this is a success story and that I am currently the lead in Cirque du Soleil, but that would be purely fictional. I did let it take me back a few steps, a few pounds forward and years of feeling like I lost my connection to a club that I once belonged. I will be the first to admit that it made me feel well.. like shit & I did give up for a while.

      But I will tell you that the only thing that feels worse than giving up, is making the conscious decision to stay defeated. It took a few years but I have finally found my footing again. I lost one skill, and that’s a fact—but what I acquired was so much more than that. I realized when I took my head out of my you know what, that I had ambition to reroute my workouts to fit my body’s abilities, a love for writing to make others happy and a will to add more bullet points in my hypothetical social resume.

      We shouldn’t put so much emphasis on what we can’t do but rather think about all of the things that we already know how to do that may help us achieve it. Quitting never feels good, unless it’s a nasty habit that deserves to be booted out the door. If we can stop feeling sorry for ourselves in areas that make us vulnerable, we can clear our minds to accept the qualities that have got us to this point in life.

      When you feel like you’re getting to that melting point in any aspect of your life, save your precious hair follicles & remember the motto “Work Hard, Be Nice." It will be there for you. Not every day will give you a miraculous opening to take what you want from life, but those testing instances are when you need to throw yourself back at it. Even if you are going strong individually, utilize your strengths to fill the void in your community members. A small compliment, a gesture of support, or an inside joke are sometimes the little push that people who feel like giving up, may engulf and use to work a little harder.

Written By: Hayley Sutherland

Posted on June 1, 2017 .